Ferguson: The Power of Our Voice (by Miles Dela Cruz)

I’m awake and I have a voice.
voice A

God has created each of us with a voice to proclaim who we are, what we believe, and what we perceive. This voice goes beyond the use of our vocal chords. Some of us are visual artists who can draw a picture that can illustrate over hundreds of thousands of words and feelings. Some of us are musicians who can beautifully pour our emotions into a combination of pitches and rhythms to create a soundtrack to our lives. And some of us are speakers and writers who can arrange a few words out of millions to craft a message telling us what is and what could be. However we find and use our voice, we all have the very daunting responsibility to use that voice for good, for truth, and to bring God glory.

voice B

Personally, I find it difficult to speak my emotions and opinions. I’m afraid of misusing words and then portraying my thoughts incorrectly. I want love to come from what I say. I want to inspire those who are lost. I want to comfort those who are in pain. I don’t want to tear anyone down with my words. I don’t want to discourage anyone looking for their own voice. But I’m not very good at using my own voice.

voice C

The evil one is hard at work in these times of despair. Pray for a shield against him. Pray for the words of wisdom from our Father. Our Father wants nothing but good for us. It’s especially hard to ignore the evil that is targeting us in the day and age we live in. We are constantly bombarded by information coming from everybody. Facebook was originally designed for college students to connect and communicate more easily. Now Facebook and all social media is the platform for people to voice their opinions and thoughts.

voice D

Throughout this year, we have witnessed the killings of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and Tamir Rice, and the subsequent responses. Many have voiced their thoughts and opinions aggressively, which I understand. Emotions are running very high. I pray for even more understanding. I can’t help but ask God, “What now? What do I do? What do I say?” I’ve spoken to many people who have been “de-friended” on Facebook due to their voice. Who am I to be the one to devalue someone’s voice? I pray for more knowledge. I pray for a shield. I pray for more understanding for and from everyone,

voice E

I can’t sit here and understand the reasoning behind trying to shut someone’s voice down. So I continue to pray for more understanding. One voice can speak at a level heard in Heaven. Who are we to silence that voice here on Earth? One voice can bring light to the darkness. One voice can strike the enemy down. Do not let the enemy be the one to use your voice. Allow the Lord to be the one who sharpens your tongue and prepares you for battle. Do not let the darkness overshadow the light that your voice can bring. Be encouraged that you are being heard. Speak boldly! Our Father will echo your voice throughout the heavens and Earth. Listen for the wisdom from our Father and don’t be afraid to be a voice.

I am awake. I have a voice.
voice F
(“Listen up” by AG)

Miles Dela Cruz (Development Manager, Theater/Music/Academic Mentor)