30 Tips for 2015 (by Andrew Gibson)

2015 Yes, New Year’s resolutions are usually unoriginal, uninspired, and left undone. Although nothing significantly or consciously new happens for most of us on January 1, the idea of starting something new or starting something again can be invigorating. So I have 30 tips for all of us in this new year. 30 encouragements, ideas, and challenges. Take some, leave others, and add your own. Feel free to keep me accountable to them. Happy New Year to you all. May 2015 be a year of blessings, progress, unity, creativity, adventures, and hover boards.

2015 30

  1. Learn everything you can.
  2. Improve your environment and build up your community.
  3. Read. Read. Read. Read.
  4. Be the first to show up/to listen/to volunteer/to say hi.
  5. Practice respect for people, property, and principles.
  6. Give freely and cheerfully.
  7. Ask questions and find answers.
  8. Create and be creative.
  9. Do not love money.
  10. Eat more fruit.
  11. Accept feelings. Challenge thoughts.
  12. Be rigid in love. Be flexible in ego.
  13. Do good. Be well.
  14. Be thankful and humble.
  15. Work with a passion and a focus.
  16. Be honest. Tell the truth.
  17. Value loyalty. Support one another.
  18. Know when to slow down, take a break, and enjoy something.
  19. Know when to speak up, and SPEAK UP. Know when to listen, and be quiet.
  20. Put your faith, hope, and love in God.
  21. Tear down evil walls and build good walls.
  22. Stop fearing mistakes. Boldly do and boldly go.
  23. Pray and meditate every morning.
  24. Sympathize and empathize. Be compassionate.
  25. Communicate boldly. Listen intently.
  26. Love your community. Support local goodness.
  27. Listen to new music. Listen to good music.
  28. Help the hurting. Stand up for the oppressed.
  29. Face necessary adversity. Avoid unnecessary strife.
  30. Seek God’s will. Commit (or recommit) to follow Jesus.

Andrew Gibson
(Executive Director, Music Coordinator, Music/Academic/Visual Arts Mentor)